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Earthroma Essential Oils



Earthroma is a new eCommerce store that will offer a full line of 100% pure essential oils in tons of different scents. Since they were in the early stages of website design and label creation so they were open to ANY colors since the website was not finished. Further comments were:
"We are very open to any designs we would like to brand the name/logo and it would need to be used on essential oil bottles labels (see pic). Some of the bottles are small so it would need to be scalable. Can go in center of bottle / label or down the side - vertical."


goals and objectives

After going through several sketches, I came up with an idea that since the brand is called "Earthroma", how about deviding them into "Earth" & "Aroma" differently and work on that then. So to represent the earth, I drew a circle and for an Aroma I played with some tweaks and came up with this logo. And since I was open to choose any color palette, I decided to choose a color theme which is more earthy.


Key audience

Trageted audience would be :

  • Therapists.
  • Nature lovers.
  • Aesthetic people.
  • Almost everyone.


Colors & Typography

#995c25 #4f4f51
  • Font famly : Raleway: Extrabold

Image references provided by the customer



anatomy of a logo

I started working on the logo keeping their instructions in mind and came up with a design and which was astonishingly approved by them in the first attempt.




Thank you

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