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CreamTime - The cake shop
Web design & development.



CreamTime - The cake shop is a cake shop situated in Pimpri-Chinchwad who offers varieties of cakes and bakery product at pocket friendly price and high-end quality. Their business was offline for a while and wanted to go online starting from creating a website. The owner wanted to have a website which is minimal, vibrant and eye pleasing color and functional which will pop his business out from the traditional cake shop websites.


goals and objectives

Looking at his needs, first idea which came to my mind that how can I keep it minimal yet full of colors. Shades of few colors will do? Or should I use more colors. Images should be main concerned here because that's what he will selling by attracting. I started with low fidelity sketches for his approval first and gosh it as approved but with minimal or negligible changes.


Key audience

Trageted audience would be :

  • Food lovers.
  • Sugar tooths.
  • Bakery lovers.
  • Party animals.


Colors & Typography

#cae1cd #c12041 #5d2b24 #fff5d7 #f3b4c5
  • Font famly : Montserrat

Low fidelity sketch/design

low fidelity sketch
high fidelity sketch



Thank you

Launch website

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